Policies & Rates


A weekly one-hour lesson is recommended. During the first half of the lesson, students begin to develop functional technique through a series of vocal exercises. This part of the lesson may also include sight-singing as well as music theory. The second half of the lesson gives students an opportunity to explore performance technique and various vocal styles through repertoire.


1. This studio has a 24-hour cancellation policy. Students may receive up to two make-up lessons per semester when adequate notice is given. Any lesson missed by the teacher will be rescheduled at an agreed upon time.

2. Please arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled lesson time so that the lesson may begin promptly.

3. Visitors, including parents, will be allowed at the discretion and comfort of the student. Parents may contact the teacher at any time to discuss their child’s progress.

4. Students should expect to practice approximately 30-60 minutes a day, starting with several 10- to 15- minute practice sessions and gradually working up to one longer practice session. Consistent practice is essential to vocal growth. Like any muscle, the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. However, please remember, if your voice feels tired, STOP.

5. Please bring a recording device with you to each lesson. Lessons are recorded so that students can listen and practice with them during the week. Students are expected to listen to their lesson at least once between lessons.

6. Students will have the opportunity to evaluate the teacher annually.

7. Remember that any learning process takes time. Some students will progress quickly, others more slowly. The rate of your vocal development is not an indication of your musicianship, talent, or ability. Every singer’s journey is as different and unique as he or she is.


  • 60-minute lesson: $50
  • 45-minute lesson: $40
  • 30-minute lesson: $30

*Subject to change