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Denuded, not deluded

Warning: The link to The Nu Project in this post takes you to, well . . . The Nu Project, which is a series of nude photographs of women. They are non-pornographic by nature, but you still probably shouldn’t look at them at work.…

April 23, 2013
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As the Blog Turns

Hello, loves! I am straight up crazy today. I couldn’t sleep last night. And by “couldn’t sleep” I don’t mean tossing and turning – I mean wide awake from 1:00-5:00 AM. Wide awake. The upside was that I started Gone Girl, was already up…

January 16, 2013
culture writing & design

Nothing Is Original

This quote is inspiring in the freedom it gives you to explore your creativity by alleviating the pressure to be unique. (Thanks, Alexis!) Just be authentic. And if this blog or I have inspired you in any way, then by all means, steal away. Love!…

March 14, 2012