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beauty style

Place your bets

How long can I go without dying my hair dark? The over-under is 4 weeks. And go . . .…

August 12, 2013
beauty style

That time I paid someone to dye my hair orange

Remember how excited I was to finally go platinum blonde after 15 years of waiting? Everyone always says, “Don’t do it at home; you’ll turn it orange!” Well, friends, I can say that I did one better: I went to a salon and paid…

August 10, 2013
beauty style

Beyoncé is my power animal

Much thanks to my bestie, Jaime, for letting me know that my celebrity twin, Beyoncé, has also decided to sport a platinum blonde pixie this week. I always knew she was my power animal. Or maybe I’m hers? The Beyoncé selfie, however, is the…

August 8, 2013
geek style

Senior Girls Are Bustin’ Out

Okay, kids, this is totally not the surprise I had in store for you, but it’s so much better. This is a little senior prank the girls of my high school graduating class pulled, called “Senior Girls Bustin’ Out.” If it’s not clear, these…

May 13, 2013