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Always Starting Over

Music and movement. These are the twin pillars of purpose and pleasure that structure and support a meaningful and bearable life for me. To be honest, I’m probably touched a little with the ADD; I flounder without a focus. Music and movement are how…

January 30, 2021
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You’re getting warmer

After the shooting in Newtown, Conn., last December, I had what alcoholics may refer to as “a moment of clarity.” I’ve written before about my inner conflict with performing as something that I see as fundamentally selfish. (I know many performers who see performing…

April 18, 2013
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I was a totally lazy POS yesterday who stayed in her pajamas all day watching the presidential inauguration. My favorite moments of the day included Al Roker and pretty much anything James Taylor sang or said. Brian Williams is a huge fan of JT…

January 22, 2013

A change in me

This is hard. This is just for me. The blog is for “you.” Well, for the readers. It’s actually like writing for an audience. I write specifically with “my reader” in mind, like I’m talking to a friend. I’m trying to talk just to…

January 10, 2013