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black wooden fence on snow field at a distance of black bare trees
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Snow days for days

Today marks the third snow day of the week. There isn’t any more snow than there was three days ago; it’s just the way of things in Athens, Ohio. Truth be told, the snow is melting as far as I can see, but one…

January 20, 2022
blurry grayscale portrait
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Blurred minds

How are you doing today? That big Midwestern snowstorm on Sunday left us with about eight inches of snow. Having lived in Upstate New York for seven odd years, my outlook on snow is probably skewed because this seemed like just an average snowfall.…

January 18, 2022

[big sigh …]

Apparently, I’m really into brackets. Those are brackets, right? Ah, yes. The other ones are braces, or curly brackets. Of course. There is a new trend among my blogging friends: they don’t blog. Of my 30 or so friends (the ones I know in…

January 21, 2014

I’m pretty sure I live in a bubble

That bubble is either a small town in Ohio or motherhood. I’ve been staring out the window trying to figure it out exactly. Not really sure which one, although I’m leaning toward the latter. Really, I’m sitting here pondering that because I’m totally blocked…

October 25, 2013