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Be interesting again.

I may be going through my quarter-life crisis. After 10 years of tunnel-vision determination to get into dental school, I’m here… and I’m struggling with how to keep going. I have wanted to be an orthodontist from the moment I sat staring at my…

March 25, 2014
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Beer is beautiful

While running several ideas through my head about what my next entry should focus on, I read through Joy the Baker’s Real-​​Talk Blog Tips that Melissa posted. One of her suggestions was to blog about what you really love. What do I love? Easy!…

February 17, 2013
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Be our guest

Hello! Thanks for having me! This is my first blog post and the first guest post on MAB LIBS. I’m psyched. I’m Gerbs. (Pronounced like “gerbil” not “Gertrude.”) I’m Melissa’s youngest, tallest, and darkest sister. I’m studying to be a dentist in North Carolina…

January 26, 2013