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November 20, 2013

I’ve lost my blogging mojo, and I’m pretty sure the kids have it — along with my sense of humor.

I’m sure that most of what happens in my daily life is hilarious from an outside perspective, but I’m in it deep, and I’m having a lot of trouble finding the kernel of absurdity that’s supposedly buried in here with me. Recently, I had a real-life God of Carnage moment in which I channeled Veronica, but instead of taking my anger out on Annette’s handbag, I took it out on a basket. Yes, there was stomping. No, it was not pretty. 

Random: Did you all watch Twin Peaks when it was on? I had a friend who was really into back then, but we were in fourth grade, and she was smarter and more mature than I was, so it was lost on me. Now, I’m really digging it. I kind of can’t believe that this was on primetime television. I mean, the 90s were a weird time for sure, but there’s no way this could ever get on network TV today. Okay, maybe AMC, but it’s still fairly impressive. And the neon green for the font outline in the title is a bold choice is there ever was one.

Twin Peaks

I’m also reliving the 90s by thrift shopping sweaters from the 90s. I just picked up an oversized, cropped, black and red, mock-turtleneck sweater for $4, which is now my favorite sweater. I’d show it to you, but I don’t want to take a picture of myself. Maybe next time.

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