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My house smells like burning oil

August 9, 2013

For some reason, this reminds me of H.A.L. (Not the computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey — DCT peeps know what I’m talking about.) Not so much the burning or the oil, but that one time when we didn’t have any heat because someone forgot to order the heating oil, and then we had to stand around the oven, which was wide open at 500 °F. Good times, good memories. No, it smells like burning oil because I completely botched the seasoning of a cast iron skillet by putting too much oil on it thus turning it into tar, so the YouTubes told me to put the pan in the oven on self-cleaning mode so that all the tar would burn up. It’s smelly. Here’s to hoping that it works. Then I get to start all over, and pray for me that I don’t mess it up a second time.

Also, PMS is turning me into a total freak. I was on the phone yesterday with someone I’ve met, oh, twice in real life, and all of a sudden I was telling her all about how PMS is turning me into a total freak. Oops. I tried to apologize, but literally, I could not stop myself from talking. I mean, I was already predisposed to being a bit too candid, but the hormones have finally put me over the edge. I hope you’ll all still love me tomorrow.

Here are a few snapshots from this week. Hope you have a great weekend, lovies. See on you the blonde side.

To say that Scarlett loves lollipops would be an understatement.

Photo by Scarlett.

Will you look at that chunky little monkey face?

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