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The face of Facebook addiction

May 6, 2013
Not a mug shot

No, not really — this is the face of motherhood. I haven’t slept in a week. Hee hee.

Today’s post has been brought to you by the letter F and the letter B.

Okay, so I wrote a while back about trying to break my social media addiction. To my complete and utter surprise, I’ve actually done pretty well. I’m using my phone for calls, e-mail, and RSS subscriptions; all other accounts I only access online. I, of course, would be hitting it out of the park if I left the house for extended periods of time, but I don’t, so when I have a minute, I usually check. Today, I decided to take it to the next level: I’m scaling back to a once-a-week social media check-in. Like everyone, I have toyed around with deleting my account forever, but it’s just too extreme. (This guy quit the Internet for a year. He agrees that it’s just too far.) So, I’m going with once a week. I think it’ll let me keep up with what’s happening with my friends’ lives while actually still having one of my own.

I mean, look at me already. This post was borne out of sheer boredom. No offense. I’m sitting here, and instead of seeing what you’re all doing on the Facebooks, I’m giving you something to ponder. Of course, the irony is that you’re reading this on Facebook, and really the only way people even know to read anything new I write is because of Facebook. But that’s life, you know — chock full of irony. Good times.

I also thought I’d revisit all the nice, long-form/slow journalism publications I used to read before I started using links on Facebook and Twitter to direct me to what’s happening in the world. Turns out Brian has a subscription to The New York Times. That’s pretty convenient, don’t you think?

And while I’m not on Facebook, I thought I’d try to make the world a better place because I really do want world peace. Yesterday, I helped a couple teenage girls express themselves and find their voices. And I picked up all the trash at the playground. Not sure I’ve contributed much today, but it’s only 2:00 PM, so I’ve got time. I’ll let you know tomorrow. Hope you’re having a good Monday! I can’t tell because I’m not on Facebook. And no, I didn’t check my profile when I posted this to my page. I use that share-y bookmarklet thing as a nice work-around. You know it.

I just remembered that I had a weird dream about snakes the other night. Is that bad?

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