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Black pepper + cream cheese toast

February 28, 2013

Fancy toast

Once upon a time, the only thing that I could make and make well was toast. I ate a lot of toast. Maybe for every meal. (My last name means “bread baker” in German, so it’s genetically possible that I can’t help myself.) But woman cannot live by bread alone if she wants to maintain a healthy body weight or fit into her pants, so I was forced to expand my repertoire. Really though, all I ever want to eat is toast.

I especially love fancy toast because serving it to your friends and family makes you look like you’ve got mad kitchen skillz even if you don’t. This is literally the easiest recipe in the world, but it looks like some serious gourmet sh*t. You’re welcome. 

Sliced bread
Cream cheese
Freshly ground black pepper
Fresh basil (optional)

Toast the bread. This is probably the most important step because no one likes burnt toast. Burnt bacon, maybe – but not toast. Slather on some cream cheese. Don’t be skimpy, put some more on there. (I like plain, but go crazy with flavored if you’re feeling it.) Grind some black pepper over top. If you’ve got fresh herbs, those will also be delicious, but if not, don’t sweat it. You could add sliced tomato, too. Also delish. Enjoy. You’re so fancy now.

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