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February 22, 2013

 2nd Academy Awards Gala

It’s Oscar weekend! You know, have you ever wondered why we’re so fascinated with the Oscars? I mean, why do we love to celebrate actors the way we do? (If you say the entire film industry, you’re lying. Have you ever watched the technical awards once? Ever?) Is it because we watch them emote and then think they’re our friends? Like we lay people are all in a weird, one-way voyeuristic relationship with actors we feel close to but will never actually be close to? Maybe we should have a fancy, televised awards ceremony for Nobel Prize winners instead. Just sayin’.

But before we all snuggle down on the couch Sunday to oggle America’s royalty, here’s some fun stuff from the Interwebs.

New Kids on the Block are going on tour with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men this summer. Is this real life?

Sign up with me for Phoneography 101! It’s an iPhone photography class, which is awesome because I don’t have a real camera. And it’s only $5. Boom shakalaka. Class starts March 1. (Android people, don’t worry – your class will be starting soon.)

Kristen Wiig is joining the cast of Arrested Development. My mind just imploded.

The most incredible love letter ever written (as far as I know) from Henry Miller to Anaïs Nin.

Omigod, you guys. Nate Silver predicts the Oscars. My mind just imploded. Again.

Here’s to a super rad weekend, y’all. See you on the flip side.

P.S. Did you know that the first Academy Awards ceremony had a gala dinner and the winners were announced before the event? It’s true.

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