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Beer is beautiful

February 17, 2013


While running several ideas through my head about what my next entry should focus on, I read through Joy the Baker’s Real-​​Talk Blog Tips that Melissa posted. One of her suggestions was to blog about what you really love. What do I love? Easy! Beer.

I love the realness of beer, the affordability, the type of people who drink it, and the type of people who love it.

I love the activities that go along with beer drinking including, but not limited to: football tailgates, corn hole, drinking games, drinking songs, Oktoberfest, Independence Day (and every other holiday for that matter), camping, and parties. (I love parties too.)

I love the diversity of beer. Local, imported, commercial, microbrewer, home-brewed. Its color spectrum, ability to adapt to seasons, flavor combinations, everything.

I love to make beer. (This post is acutely inspired as a celebration of bottling my third batch of home-brewed beer yesterday. It’s a Bohemian pilsner from a boxed kit. I still haven’t ventured to do an all-grain batch or make up my own recipe, but I feel like I need to get the basic strokes down first before jumping in the deep end. The bottle caps have Bs for Brobeck, which makes me happy as it is the only letter available at the local brewing store. Now it’s a waiting game for the yeasts to do their thing and carbonate those bad boys. The instructions say drinkable after two weeks, but my last two batches prove that it really, really gets better with age. I’m expecting these to be knock-outs by the beginning of summer.)

I love beer so much that I use it in analogies to describe/analyze entirely unrelated topics – for instance, beauty. This idea mostly pertains to women but can easily go both ways. Here it goes.

You know those indisputably gorgeous women that everyone knows are stunning? I’ve termed them Budweiser beauties. Easy to agree on, enjoyed by many, a staple in American culture, and picked up by tons of men every weekend.

Those who don’t fit into the Bud category fall into smaller, less common categories: the microbrews, the 9% alcohol by volume double IPAs, the jalepeño hefeweizen many people are too afraid to try, and on and on. While these types may not be appreciated by all or chosen from the menu all of the time, those who dig them REALLY dig them. Yeah! Can’t get these beers at your local gas station!

Maybe next time your inner monologue goes bitter you can remember that there is a loyal following of beer drinkers that loves your type and head to that bar to feel better.

So thanks, beer! You’re tasty and fun and I love you.

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