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A paved paradise – to me, anyway

February 15, 2013

Okay, this is going to be quick and dirty today. I’m away (Holy smokes! Can you believe it?), and the wireless Internet connection is total bullsh*t. Where I am? I can’t tell you because then I’d have to kill you, but here’s the view from my room.

Parking lot

I really know how to keep it classy.

I’m probably going to drink some more coffee and then go back to sleep because – for the first time in recent memory – I am without the chilluns. You read that right. I am holed up all by myself, and I am going to sleep. (The B.S. Interwebs situation helped inform this decision.)

But before I do that, here’s some cool stuff.

I totally forgot about Goodreads. But then I remembered, so come hang out with me over there so we can talk about books and stuff.

Are you going to watch Beyoncé’s totally transparent media play documentary, Life Is but a Dream, on HBO tomorrow?

Julie Andrews is amazing on The Colbert Report. Damn right.

Sometimes I have to put myself in an iPhone app time-out. Now they have an app that can do that for you.

I loved Joy the Baker’s Real-Talk Blog Tips Part 1 and Part 2.

And in case you missed it on Facebook, here’s Babs and Judy singing their faces off. Have a lovely weekend, friends.


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