Unplug and unblock

January 18, 2013

UnplugI’m feeling jittery from all the coffee I’ve had today, so jittery I forgot how to spell jittery. Good thing there’s spellcheck. This room is freezing cold. Harry Potter is on. I love Harry Potter. Sometimes I actually wish I could go to work. Somewhere. Anywhere. I suppose the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I’m sure I would be in a menial, administrative role that would wear on me after about two weeks, so I should just go ahead and kibosh that idea.

I’m going to try to unplug again this weekend. I turned off my computer for the entire weekend last week, and it was kind of amazing. I managed to read three books in the amount of time I typically waste on Facebook. I’m trying to break my social media addiction, and that’s what it is: addiction. I’ve actually read articles on it. Fact. I just really want to be more productive and creative. If I’m constantly consuming how can I create? The answer is: I can’t. Plus, whatever Facebook recently did in its ongoing effort to constantly change – yeah, I’m not feeling it. I deleted the Twitter app from my phone, just set it up so that I get notifications via e-mail and can then respond accordingly. Saves a lot of time, actually. I may do the same with Facebook. But I understand why it’s addictive. I don’t go to work, so frankly, I get lonely at home sometimes and want to talk to adults, but I think that I’m going to increase my efforts to communicate with people more personally, or I can use my blog as a means of sharing. There’s certainly many things that I’ve shared directly via Facebook or Twitter that I could have shared on my blog. I do want to help it grow. And I think my sister (or sisters) is going to guest blog. I’m so, so excited. She (or they) will be great. Just great.

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