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January 16, 2013

Filing done. Boom. Hello, loves! I am straight up crazy today. I couldn’t sleep last night. And by “couldn’t sleep” I don’t mean tossing and turning – I mean wide awake from 1:00-5:00 AM. Wide awake. The upside was that I started Gone Girl, was already up both times Leo woke up, and got to hang out with Zoë around 3:00 AM. I’ve missed her. But she really, really smells.

FYI: I’ve decided to restructure the ol’ blog here. I’ve been using this space as an online journal, but in the spirit of giving more, I’ve decided to share, well, everything I know about everything here with you so that you can learn from my mistakes too! (I moved my journaling to my website that I’ve retired and turned into a creative portfolio. If you want to follow true madness, head over there.) I’ve been wanting to focus this blog, but I could never narrow down my interests, so I pretended it was opposite day and expanded my interests. Here’s what you’ve got coming to you:


A little something for everyone aka a lifestyle blog. I then organized the crap out of a whole lotta sub categories, and now I’ve got focus for days. Boom shakalaka. I’ll be rotating through them throughout the month. You can check them all out in the main menu. Good thing I worked as a professional admin for so many years, right?


photo credit: h-e-d via photopin cc

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