Robots are our friends

January 15, 2013

Little Mr. RobotoI’m trying to simplify. I’m trying to streamline. I deleted my Instagram account 1.) because I have too many social media accounts and find it overwhelming and 2.) because they changed their policies and I don’t agree with them. So that was easy. I’m down to Facebook and Twitter, and I’ve turned the latter over to the robots aka Feedburner. I’d like to consolidate my voice studio website with this one. I added all the info on here so that I can begin to phase the other site out. I don’t think there’s enough traffic to warrant its own site, and the students who’ve found me have been mostly interested in my performing experience, so I think it can all go together on here. Three sites is altogether a bit too much anymore.

I’m hoping to refocus the blog a bit more from personal to lifestyle. It’s not that far of a stretch – just a bit of narrative adjustment, content structuring, you know. Blah, blah, blah.

I think I hate TV. Sometimes I just want to dropkick it.

Maybe I’ll get pink highlights now that I don’t have to look like my headshot.

This is me purging my thoughts.


photo credit: ‘PixelPlacebo’ via photopin cc

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