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Happy Weekend!

January 11, 2013

Birds This is just a note to wish you all a very happy weekend. Not much changes around here on the weekends. As my grandfather used to say, “When you have kids, that’s all you have.” Seeing a movie? Going to an amazing restaurant? Maybe we’ll head over to Jalisco’s and try to break our old margarita PRs.

Brian and I have a list of movies that we’re hoping to see in the theater. We managed to sneak away for Les Misérables (didn’t love Hugh Jackman, didn’t hate Russell Crowe, cried anytime Anne Hathaway was on the screen), but we’d still love to see Lincoln, The Hobbit, Skyfall (Is it still in playing?), Django Unchained, This Is 40, Silver Linings Playbook, and I am now laughing at myself at the improbability of even one of these happening. Yep. It’s HBO or Netflix for us, y’all.

Actually, I think I would just be happy with an hour or two to finish a book. I call it my “time-out.” Scarlett takes it more seriously that way. Sometimes it’s necessary, you know? But I hope you get to relax, eat scrumptious food, and discover something new this weekend. Maybe I will too!


photo credit: Rakesh JV via photopin cc

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