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Vamp and Revamp

January 9, 2013

In lieu of my new lease on life, I decided to revamp the ol’ 40 / 40 Project list since a lot of the items are no longer relevant in the life of a recovering actor.

I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. This is so funny to me.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself. This is so funny to me.

Here’s what I took off:

  • Support myself and my family through performing and teaching.
  • Join a performers’ union. It would be really nice to earn a decent wage.
  • Get an M.F.A. in acting or a Ph.D. in vocal pedagogy. Or this program. (See next.)
  • Become a college professor of musical-theatre voice.
  • Take horseback-riding lessons.
  • Dust off the rollerblades I bought in 2000 and give it another go, even though Jaime isn’t here to hold my hand this time.
  • Play the violin well enough to perform in public.
  • Try boxing. But I don’t want to get hit in the face. I like my teeth.
  • Finish learning French.

Here’s what I added:

  • Write a recipe.
  • Grow orchids. Keep them alive.
  • Let go of residual fears and anger.
  • Build a Habitat for Humanity Home.
  • Go whale watching.
  • Make money writing.
  • Start learning Spanish. NYC Restaurant Spanish is not useful in real life.
  • Run for school board.
  • Grow this blog.

My sole criterion for this list is the same as my shopping criterion: Do I love it? (If I don’t love it in the store, I know I’ll never wear it. Saves a lot of returns.) The things I took off the list were things that I’m not excited about anymore. The ones I added I’m anxious to get started on. A good sign!

And what day is today? Wednesday, right? I don’t think I’ve had enough coffee. I got distracted when Leo vomited all over my shoulder. Probably should go fill ‘er up. Happy Hump Day!

P.S. You totally just added “that’s what she said” with your mind, didn’t you? It’s sort of like “do it” for adults. You know what I mean?

photo credit: Chris Devers via photopin cc

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