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Two for Tuesday

January 8, 2013

Peace, friends.

Do you know about Coursera? I can’t stop looking for courses to take. I’m trying really hard to limit myself to one at a time. Not that that matters because they’re $free.99! No joke. I’m currently signed up for Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Private Businesses (Part I), The Social Context of Mental Health and Illness, and Songwriting. No, these are not all at the same time. I mean, the first two are, so I probably will have to choose, but I am SO excited. I’m thinking of trying out some math courses because I’m afraid of math, but there are no grades so there’s no pressure, right? I could actually just learn it for fun and make up for high school. Amazing!

My sister also introduced me to this. I haven’t spent a lot of time exploring, so I don’t have an insider scoop or anything, but it looks fun. I took their quiz so that they could tailor my feed to my “archetype” – a combo of creative, caregiver, and intellectual. Check it out because who doesn’t love quizzes? Come on, you know you do.

photo credit: Juliana Coutinho via photopin cc

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