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Pass the kale chips, please.

January 7, 2013

Ah, vegetable matter.

Aaaaaaaaand I’m spent.

Have you recovered from your holiday madness? I finally caught up on some long overdue sleep. Yep, I got about 9.5 hours of sleep last night. Hot dog! Of course, I went to bed at 9:00 PM, but I passed out in about 30 seconds, which never happens for me. I usually lie there, listening to Brian snore sleep for 5-10 minutes before losing consciousness. I still think I could sleep for days.

And I desperately need to go to the gym. I need to burn off the ickiness. That’s the best way to describe how I’m feeling – generally icky. I’m lucky that I have breastfeeding on my side. Who knows how many cookies I magically burned off? Probably infinity because that’s how many I ate. And they were totally delish, but now I am craving all foods green. This is probably a good sign that I should lay off baking for a while. Or only bake kale chips.

After my last post, I felt an incredible wave of relief – followed immediately by a wave of sheer panic. (Isn’t that typically how change goes?) I’ve been looking for a place to start, so I went way back to middle school and my Myers-Briggs personality type. I’m sure you’re dying to know: INFJ. (According to this article, Laurie Laurence and I are totally kindred spirits. I knew it!) What’s your type? I’ve been blatantly ignoring everything my test results said for years, but since I’ve been fairly unhappy/unfulfilled in my endeavors thus far, I figure I’ve got nothing to lose.

  • clergy / religious work
  • teacher (English, music, drama, art)
  • medical doctor / dentist
  • alternative healthcare practitioner (chiropractor, reflexologist)
  • psychologist
  • psychiatrist
  • counselor
  • social worker
  • musician/artist
  • photographer
  • child care / early childhood development
  • writer/editor

So, there’s a list of things to explore. I took some options off the table because it’s just not feasible for me to go to medical school, and I’m not particularly religious, so there’s that. But what I do know is that I want to help people. I’m especially interested in helping kids and older adults. And that’s what I know. Let’s see what happens next.

photo credit: elana’s pantry via photopin cc

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