JRB Karaoke Semi-Finals

October 1, 2012

For fun last June, Brian and I entered the 2012 JRB Summer Karaoke Competition. Well, I’m happy to tell you that we’ve now advanced to the semi-finals! There are 70 incredibly talented singers in currently in the running. You can see all of the semi-finalists and read all about the contest here. If you have a few minutes, I would so appreciate you taking time to listen and consider voting for me and Brian!

  1. Visit JRB’s website to listen to the submissions. To listen to a track, just click on one of the semi-finalists’ names. You have to choose five you like.
  2. Compose an e-mail to JRB at with SEMIFINAL LIST/[YOUR NAME] as the subject.
  3. List your top five semi-finalists in descending order (#1 being your favorite) and hit send.

Note from JRB: Don’t send multiple lists, and don’t send any lists with more or fewer than five entries.

JRB will tabulate all of those lists, post the totals, and those totals will be applied after the judges have chosen the finalists – in other words, you can help push us into the finals. Looks like the finalist will be announced in November. We really, really appreciate your help. I hope you enjoy our musical-theatre song stylings! xoxo

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