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September 21, 2012

The most amazing thing happened yesterday. Wait, don’t guess, I’ll tell you: My old Blogspot RSS feed magically started redirecting! It’s a Christmas miracle. When I moved to WordPress I was fairly certain that those of you on Friend Connect were lost forever in the ether because Google wouldn’t let go of my feed. (It wasn’t personal, Blogger.) But Google works in mysterious ways, so if you’re reading this and hadn’t noticed that I was missing for months on end, welcome back! We’re just getting started.

It’s Friday, and I had been doing posts on some of my favorite finds of the week because that’s what all the cool girls who blog do. (I think it’s supposed to build link something-or-other. Clearly, I don’t know.) Anyway, since I don’t really interact with the outside world, it’s sometimes a stretch to find anything interesting. However, I have managed to scrounge up a few things for you.

This musical was the first mind-blowing production I ever saw. I had the original Broadway cast recording on double cassette tapes. So. Excited.

I bought her cookbook for Scarlett and me. (We’ve been doing a lot of baking lately. I’m trying to move past my domestic disabilities.) We’ve already made the vegan pumpkin and the bourbon-spiked chocolate chip banana breads. (Heck yes!) The cookbook’s awesome. Her blog is awesome. I like to pretend we’re BFFs.

I read her book earlier this summer, which was very funny – not Tina-Fey funny, but she’s the first to admit that. Now she has her own TV series. Let’s hear it for all the funny ladies.

Nerd alert: New chapters finally opened up here! My sister Gerbs and I are proud members of Slytherin. (Green is the new black.) CharmHolly337. Just sayin’.

This is a great article on proper Web typography etiquette. He convinced me to switch to ragged right. You were already noticing how much easier this is to read, weren’t you?

If you’re feeling generous or want a tax write-off, consider supporting this project. Or this one.

And if you want, come say hi on Twitter or Pinterest. It’ll be just like senior year, except for funner.

Have a fabulous Friday. Let’s talk soon, okay? Peace and love.

Zoë and Elmo: A Love Story

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