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June 22, 2012

The last two weeks have been something of a blur. We’ve had a lot going on here in the Brobeck-Scharfenberg household, but we’re finally settling back into the regular swing of things. Here’s some good stuff to check out over the weekend:

I’m really enjoying this blog. And their post on the mojito reminded me that it’s the perfect summer drink. That, or a mint julep.

Speaking of mint . . . you could grow your own! It’s like a weed: you can ignore it and it will still grow. Trust me, I know from experience.

Feeling a bit jaded and cynical these days? This will restore your faith in humanity.

Next time you’re in Pittsburgh, be sure to eat here. Their sandwiches are almost famous.

I really want to see this. I’m not kidding.

Some good things floating around on Pinterest this week. Do you “pin”? I used to keep actual scrapbooks of inspiring images. Although less romantic, I suppose Pinterest is more environmentally friendly. Go green.

My book-group book this month. Fascinating and sad.

Paul Rudd and Jon Hamm answer teenage girls’ questions about life and love in “Ask a Grown Man.” Brilliant.

Wish I could have gone to this with my sister Emily to celebrate the summer solstice. Maybe next year.

Jason Robert Brown is running a summer karaoke contest. Check out my submission here or use the widget below!

Hope you have a fabulous and fun weekend! Stay cool and drink some lemonade.

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