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In Favor of the Stupid-Expensive Stroller

June 11, 2012

Many, many of my friends are having babies. I suppose this is pretty normal once you reach a certain age. I actually remember a time (high school) when I couldn’t comprehend this phase of life, but obviously, I have reached that age. So, having had a baby of my own, when my first-time-parent friends ask for advice, there are a few things I offer: make sure to sleep when the baby sleeps (learned that one the hard way), take time for yourself, and prioritize showering. As far as investing in baby supplies, one of the best choices Brian and I made was opting for the crazy-expensive stroller. Yes, it seems totally insane to pay $600 for a stroller because it is. I recommend adding it to your baby registry and asking a group of friends or family members to all pitch in, which we did. (Thank you, parents and sisters!) Here’s why you might want to consider this: you can buy the expensive stroller once or the inexpensive stroller three times. Yes, you’re shelling out three times the amount of money you’d spend on one of the lesser-priced strollers, but know that that cheap stroller is exactly that, cheap. The wheels will fall off, the frame will bend, and eventually, it will likely just fall apart. I’ve had friends throw broken strollers across parking lots out of total frustration and then leave them there. You’d better believe I’d do the same thing.

So, if you can swing it, get yourself a nice stroller. Ours is still in fantastic condition. It’s ready for any future babies that are headed our way, be it our own or my sisters’. (It only seems fair that they should be able to recoup their investment.) We love this stroller. And can you really love a stroller? Yes, at least one that doesn’t make you want to run over it with the car.

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