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Summer Love List

August 8, 2011

After an attempt to find inspiration for a poetic and meaningful post but failing utterly and completely, I have decided instead to share a list of the little things that have made me happy this summer. Enjoy!

  1. These tank tops. They’re super long with an ultra flattering U-scoop neckline.
  2. “Don’t Mess with OPI” nail polish. It makes me feel like Sally Bowles.
  3. My hot yoga mat towel. It’s nice to stay in the same place for a while.
  4. Redken’s Blonde Glam shampoo because smells like grapefruit-y deliciousness.
  5. This coffee. Yes, it’s from Starbucks. I like Starbucks, and I don’t care who knows it.
  6. Brian and I are big nerds who design our own T-shirts for the big family vacation. You can design your own here. Be sure to check out the American Apparel “Athletic” shirts; they’re the softest most amazing T-shirts ever.
  7. If I had to choose only one thing from my makeup bag to take with me to that proverbial deserted island, it would probably be this.
  8. I discovered this beer at The Lockview (a.k.a. “the grilled cheese restaurant”) in Akron, Ohio. Granted, it’s a little bit more like strawberry juice than beer, but I think that’s why it’s so good.
  9. My kick ass reminder necklace. My sisters got this for me for Mother’s Day, and it has done an excellent job of reminding me to get out there and kick some butt.
  10. Spending time with friends, both new and old. I hope you’re doing the same!
Don’t Mess with OPI

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