Words, Words, Words

February 23, 2011

When I was in New York City, I took a self-marketing class for actors. One of the exercises I had to complete was to ask my friends and colleagues to specify three special qualities that I bring to my roles in performance. I got wonderful responses back from those whom I asked as well as a very good sense of how others perceive me. It’s often difficult for an actor to type herself because she know herself as the incredibly complex human being that she is. That’s why it’s just easier to ask a friend.

Today I found those responses and thought it would be fun to put them into Wordle, which is an online tool for writers that generates word clouds so that an author can see (quite literally) the words that he uses most frequently. It’s fun and useful. So, I put the responses in and here is what I got:

I also asked them what roles they thought I could play at this time in my life. Here is what they said:


I have to say that this really helped me to get a sense of how others see me because sometimes I do lose sight of myself. These visual representations will allow me to check in with myself every so often when I’m picking rep or auditioning. I thank my friends for their help and their time, even though it seems like it was so long ago. Love.

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