The Winter of My Contentedness

December 7, 2010

After seven or so years of living (off and on) in upstate New York, I had declared myself an official snow hater. I averred that I had had a lifetime’s worth of snow in those seven or so years and would happily live out the rest of my life in a more temperate climate where the average snowfall is two inches or less. Any place south of the Mason-Dixon Line would have sufficed. Well, imagine my surprise on the first of December when I stepped outside into the first snowfall and felt happiness. Not simply happiness, I felt that I was in my element. It was like the day I tried olives and black licorice and discovered that I loved them after a lifetime of loathing. And my warm feeling towards the ice and snow has not cooled. Every time I look out the window I feel smiley and gleeful all over again. Who is this snow bunny? Where did she come from? Although I still see the appeal in becoming a damn Yankee, my newfound fondness for winter does open up the northern half of the country as an option for Brian’s and my permanent relocation once he’s out of school. It’s something to mull over as I build my igloo.

I also started practicing yoga this month. (“Practicing” being the operative word, as opposed to stretching when I’m bored and calling it yoga.) I have absolutely no idea why I did not do this sooner, since I have been wanting to do this for years. I suppose there was always a reason. I couldn’t fit the class into my schedule; I didn’t have enough money; I didn’t have enough motivation. Whatever the reason, I really love it. I studied ballet when I was younger, and I’ve done Pilates off and on for a number of years; practicing yoga seems to meld the two together wonderfully, which is a perfect fit for me. The class is in a wonderful studio space in downtown Salem, above Friends Roastery, which is my favorite establishment in town. A big thank-you to my dad for giving me the time and space to go by watching Scarlett in the early morning. Thanks, Dad!

Scarlett and I have also started frequenting two toddler-oriented classes in the Youngstown area. On Tuesdays, we go to All the Little Birds, which is a class that combines singing, rhythm instruments, activities, and American Sign Language. Our first class was today, and it was super fun! I’m very much looking forward to knowing the other moms and kids in the class better. On Wednesdays, we go to Baby Brilliant at the Poland Library, which is a class that encourages early literacy through songs and nursery rhymes. It’s a gift that the public libraries in the area offer this free class. I remember going to library-time when I was little, and my love of reading and books has stayed with me my whole life long. I hope the same will hold true for Scarlett.

Here’s a picture of my girl in her winter kitty-cat hat.  Love.

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