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February 8, 2010

I didn’t sleep very well last night. I have been shuffling around the house like the living dead. I had two cups of coffee and one cup of hot chocolate today. I should have taken a nap, but I spent the entire day trying to figure out how to get the photos off of my old Verizon Razr, which I don’t use anymore (since the magical iPhone came into my life) and haven’t had service for in a year. Turns out Verizon disables the phones to keep them from doing exactly what I want to do. Figures. But I skipped any naps that may have happened because I was a crazed and depraved tech blog junkie today. Now, it’s 9:00 p.m., and I am too tired to think of anything better to write about than how tired I am. Lame, Melissa. Lame. I hope that I can sleep off some lameness and wake up with more awesomeness tomorrow. Sweet dreams, y’all.

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