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29 Things You May Not Have Known About Me

August 3, 2008

1. I read magazines backwards.

2. My “I watch it when I am by myself” movie is The Hunt for Red October.

3. I once ate a burrito that was quite literally the size of my head.

4. My first celebrity crush was Christopher Reeve.

5. When I was in the second grade, I auditioned for The Sound of Music at the local high school. After singing, I was asked to cold-read. I replied, “I was not informed that there would be reading. I am not prepared; I’m not doing that.” I did not get the part.

6. The bumps on my head would put a phrenologist into a tizzy. They scare even me.

7. I was fired from a Barnes & Noble cafe for “not being a team player.” Ha.

8. I very rarely finish an entire cup of coffee.

9. I can sleep anywhere; and when I say anywhere, I mean anywhere.

10. My grandmother, my mother, and I share “Ann” as a middle name.

11. I recently discovered that I love olives, black licorice, and whiskey.

12. Twelve is my favorite number.

13. At my choosing, I wore only dresses and patent leather dress shoes to school until the third grade.

14. I unequivocally regret piercing my bellybutton; however, I love my nose piercing as much as the day I got it.

15. I gag on cottage cheese.

16. Pink has been my favorite color since preschool, even though I go through periods of denial in which I try to convince myself otherwise. Purple has always been second.

17. I really like my feet.

18. I re-read my favorite book once a year; my favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird.

19. Firefly is my guilty pleasure.

20. I have a sponsor-child in the Dominican Republic and one in Zambia.

21. I long to move to Paris someday.

22. The sand dollar necklace I wear every day was given to me by grandmother on my ninth birthday.

23. I believe in ghosts and the magical powers of bees.

24. Driving is the bane of my existence.

25. Should I ever have a little girl, I will name her Sophie Scarlett. (I did have a little girl! However, “Sophie” just happened to be the most popular name in America the year my daughter was born. I had loved that name since I was a teenager; apparently, so had every other American woman of childbearing age.)

26. I have conversations with my dog, even when strangers are listening.

27. Some people throw out the heels of a loaf of bread; I save them for last because they are so good.

28. I cry during romantic movies and any commercial involving sad-looking animals.

29. I’m terrified of my upcoming birthday. Shouldn’t I be a grown-up by now?

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  • Reply FichenDich November 3, 2011 at 2:15 PM

    "1. I read magazines backwards."Generally that implies that you are right-handed and that the majority of your magazine reading is done sitting upon the porcelain throne.

  • Reply Melissa November 9, 2011 at 8:05 PM

    Dear FichenDich,Thank you for you acute and incisive analysis of my magazine-reading habits. I am, in fact, right-handed, as you inferred. However, I regret to inform you that the majority of my periodical perusal is done elsewhere in my home, typically sitting on the sofa. Why do you believe that magazines can only be read backwards in the bathroom? You can read a magazine backwards anywhere. I'm not making this up! I speak from years of backwards-magazine-reading experience. Perhaps you are not aware that there is a lot of fun stuff in the last few pages of most magazines. You should check it out sometime. I would also say that your comment generally implies that you are a heterosexual male and that the majority of your magazine reading is done sitting upon the porcelain throne. It's okay to project sometimes; I understand. Thanks again!

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