30 Things I Did in My 30s

  1. Brought Scarlett and Leo into this world.
  2. Got married.
  3. Supported Brian through medical school and residency.
  4. Bought a house.
  5. Got to know my parents as people.
  6. Saw my sisters graduate from professional school, get engaged, get married, and have babies.
  7. Became an auntie.
  8. Built a voice studio.
  9. Taught as voice faculty in a college musical theatre program.
  10. Put together my own cabaret act.
  11. Performed a stand-up comedy routine.
  12. Made peace with food.
  13. Developed a yoga practice.
  14. Learned to mediate.
  15. Built a website.
  16. Started my blog.
  17. Traveled to France.
  18. Celebrated New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas.
  19. Bought a piano.
  20. Performed solo with an orchestra.
  21. Sang on an old-timey live radio show.
  22. Gave jazz vocals a go.
  23. Did a voice competition.
  24. Acted in some plays, musicals, commercials, and a film.
  25. Started dressing for myself.
  26. Embraced my natural hair color.
  27. Found my confidence.
  28. Found my voice.
  29. Forgave and forgot.
  30. Put old dreams to bed and woke up to new ones.